Truper was born 50 years ago as a small workshop manufacturing sledge hammers, pickaxes, trowels, clamps and vises. After five decades Truper is a leading company that manufactures, distributes and merchandizes tools for every segment of the hardware industry.

Truper’s catalog features more than 5, 000 articles and is constantly being improved. Our purpose is to offer our clients, a wide range of high quality products, guaranteed by our ceaseless efforts to offer tools with the best quality/price ratio in the market.

This eagerness has awarded us a solid prestige, backed up by serious and consistent work through these years.

Presently Truper is the most renowned and used brand in our country’s hardware market.

We are a family-owned company. We are committed to integrity and to being respectful and consistent in our relationships with people who, with profound respect for the hardware industry and with great passion for doing a good job, are contributing to make Truper the leading hardware company in Latin-America. Derived from that philosophy is our W4 model (Win-Win-Win-Win) that assures our clients, collaborators, suppliers and the company itself, larger benefits than those offered by our competitors's.

To this strength, we add that we are an independent firm with solid finances, guaranteed by a healthy administration that allows self-financing, and we do not rely on credit for growth. This financial freedom allows us to anticipate market fluctuations and make timely decisions without being pressured by third parties. We’ve had, in the last 10 years, an exponential growth and today our sales volume is 6 times bigger than our nearest competitor.

In Truper we know where we are heading and we work with great effort to ensure that we will reach our long range terms.

We are the world’s largest hardware exporters, our products are sold in more than 30 countries including America, Europe, Asia and Oceania. Our foreign sales represent 90% of the tools exported by Mexico and ammount to around 50% of our production. On September 2008, this commercial drive was recognized by the State of Mexico’s government through its Governor, Mr. Enrique Peña Nieto. We were honored with the State of Mexico Award for Entrepreneurial Excellency in the exports category with regard to «outstanding sales abroad and the development of mechanisms aimed at exports growth».

This achievement was possible because our service and products comply and exceed the highest quality standards, which allows us to successfully compete in all kinds of markets.

We are aware that competition in the hardware market is hard and that the only outstanding companies are those who, apart from looking for quality in their products, also make sure that they optimize their operations and that they support them with a solid infrastructure that produces the effect of an excellent service for their clients.

We know that the worst scenario for our clients is to lose sales due to a lack of product in the market. To avoid this problem we have, in the country, 10 branches and a general warehouse with a full stock (Jilotepec,Laguna, Monterrey, Veracruz, Culiacán, Mérida, Guadalajara, Puebla, Tijuana and Villahermosa), thus allowing us to deliver in 24 hours, countrywide orders and to assure a 95% fill rate on the first invoice. We deliver almost everything the clients order. This is the highest service level in the industry.

Maintaining this standard is not an easy task. It requires a full inventory, available at all times. To be able to comply with this, our Industrial Complex in Jilotepec, Mexico, (the largest and more up-to-date of its kind in Latin-America), has premises that add up to 8.5 hectares, destined to finished product. Our General Distribution Center supplies our branches and our clients abroad, with the exception of the ones in North-America, which are serviced through our Distribution Center for North-America, which delivers fill rate to the first invoice in a record time.

We know that to be successful in the hardware industry it is necesary to work as a team and to have long-term business relationships based on trust, respect and shared goals. That is why we are committed to acting in a transparent, honest an upright manner with every person that contributes to developing and strengthening our company: users, clients, suppliers, collaborators and shareholders.

Coupling this philosophy with hiring and retaining the greatest of people, one of any company’s most important assets, gives us invaluable competitive advantages.
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