Passion for perfection

Half a century ago, in the heart of a central neighborhood in Mexico City, our passion for perfection was born. Ever since, we have dedicated ourselves to making tools with the following goal: to become the best manufacturers and dealers of the hardware industry in Mexico. Today, our hardware brand is not only the most renowned in our country, our products are also successfully competing worldwide in more than 30 markets, including the most demanding one in the world: the United States of America.

Reaching and maintaining such a prominent place in the hardware industry can only be achieved through a work oriented philosophy that drives us to carry out our daily activities with maximum efficiency. To be consistent with this philosophy we make sure that each product sold with the Truper brand on it complies with our quality promise: to supply the market with the best quality products in their category, including those in which we are not absolute leaders.

Many years have gone by and this philosophy has permeated into every worker who has joined our forces. They have been selected because of their positive attitude and commitment towards excellent job performance. We have always been guided by this premise: Truper is...
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